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Hot Air Balloon Advertising in Louisville

Hot air balloon banner advertising-LouisvilleFew things can catch your attention like a hot air balloon, so this makes hot air balloons the perfect advertising vehicle for your business, product or brand!

From corporate advertising opportunities, to small businesses, hot air balloon banner advertisements are an affordable and fun way to quite literally rise up above the competition in Louisville.

So how do hot air balloon banner ads work, exactly?

Well, first, your advertisement — typically comprised of a logo, with a slogan or tagline – is printed onto a large fabric banner, usually constructed of ripstop nylon.

The banner is then affixed to the side of the hot air balloon and it’s prominently displayed as the balloon floats overhead! You can arrange to have your hot air balloon advertisement appear while the balloon flies in different locations across the region.

Hot air balloon ads are extremely effective. In fact, studies have shown that…

  • Nine out of ten people say they’ve discussed or commented after seeing a hot air balloon. Compare to the mere one-third of people who remark after seeing a billboard.
  • Half of people surveyed said they stopped to watch the hot air balloon and about one-third of people say they took a photo of the last hot air balloon they saw.
  • Eight out of ten people had perfect day-after recall for hot air balloon banner ads, meaning they were able to remember the company or brand that was advertised when asked the following day.

With facts such as these, it’s hard to find a more eye-catching advertisement method!

Hot air balloon banner advertising in LouisvilleHot air balloon advertisements are a great option for testing the waters (or rather, the air currents) when it comes to airborne advertising. Most companies see wonderful results from balloon banner ads, with returns that far exceed their expectations. In these cases, a company may opt to invest in a sponsored balloon. That is, the entire balloon is transformed into an advertisement. Traditionally, these sponsored hot air balloons are very eye-catching, uniquely shaped balloons that can take on the shape of any character or mascot (think of the balloons you see in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — they’re more similar to these than a traditional hot air balloon shape.)

Whatever your advertising goals, a hot air balloon banner ad in Louisville is the perfect way to spread the word and help your company soar above the competition!

If you’d like to learn more about our hot air balloon advertising opportunities and pricing information, call today.